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“Beers are composed of four relatively simple ingredients…but scrolling through a digital copy of this self-published book, it’s easy to see why the term ‘hoppy’ is a woefully inadequate description.” Gary Dzen, The Boston Globe

“…astonishingly comprehensive, including varieties I had not heard of. It’s going to take me a while to get through it.” Stan Hieronymus, Author, “For The Love of Hops”

“This is likely the most comprehensive guide to hop varieties…a must have.”

“There has been a lot of work into this resource, and it’s as comprehensive as anything I’ve seen before…incredibly helpful.”

Introducing the Second Edition of world’s most comprehensive beer hop dictionary. The Hops List – The perfect tool for passionate brewers and craft beer drinkers.

Discover new hop flavors and aromas from around the world. The Hops List is the largest collection of hops information ever compiled. With it you’ll have access to variety descriptions, analytical data, tasting notes, substitutes, style suggestions and lots more on a staggering 339 unique varieties.

Inside you’ll also discover insights from brewmasters who have worked at some of the world’s most prestigious breweries like Dogfish Head, Founders Brewing Co. and Brooklyn Brewery among many others. Inside they reveal some of their favorite hop varieties as well as tips on how to use them best.

The Hops List is a fantastic resource for professional brewers, amateur brewers and craft beer drinkers who are looking for an exhaustive resource on just about every beer hop on the planet.

Download the digital edition of The Hops List below. Download includes both a .pdf and an .epub version.

Hard copies are not yet available but stay tuned! They will be available mid-December. When available, you’ll find them at home brew stores worldwide (some listed below).

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Hard copies now available from all great home brew stores worldwide!

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The Hops List eBook can also be purchased from Amazon for Kindle devices.

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