Brewer’s Gold (US)

Sister to Bullion, US-grown Brewer’s Gold is a cultivar of the original English variety, Brewer’s Gold. Despite having been developed in England, its origin is undoubtedly North American having been initially derived from a wild hop sourced from Canada’s Pembina Valley in Manitoba. The American version is naturally similar to the original but contains higher alpha acids on average.


The USDA used heat therapy and other techniques to adapt the variety to local conditions and to improve disease resistance. It was grown predominantly in Oregon and on significant acreage until the advent of super-alpha varieties in the 1980’s. It was discontinued from commercial production in 1985 but is still available today, albeit largely for the homebrew market.

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Also Known As
Purpose Bittering
Alpha Acid Composition 8.1%-13.1%
Beta Acid Composition 3.7%-6.8%
Co-Humulone Composition 41%
Country US
Cone Size Medium
Cone Density
Seasonal Maturity Late
Yield Amount 1681-2690 kg/hectare (1500-2400 lbs/acre)
Growth Rate
Resistant to Resistant to verticillium wilt, moderately resistant to downy mildew, virus free
Susceptible to
Storability  Poor
Ease of Harvest
Total Oil Composition 1.8 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition 40%
Humulene Oil Composition 35%
Caryophyllene Oil 35%
Farnesene Oil Trace
Substitutes Bullion, Cascade, Galena, Northern Brewer, Northdown
Style Guide India Pale Ale

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