Aptly named after the god of lightning and thunder, proprietary American hybrid variety Zeus is a high yielding hop with a pleasant aroma noted for its pungent hoppy “kick” and spicy, herbal flavor and aroma.


Though it is sometimes considered identical to Columbus and Tomahawk®, or CTZ as they are sometimes sold, it has been identified as being genetically distinct from these two varieties. It does share remarkable similarities to both however. Though the exact parentage of Zeus has not been identified it is suspected to have been derived from Brewers Gold.

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Also Known As CTZ
Characteristics Sweet citrus, herbal aromas
Purpose Bittering
Alpha Acid Composition 13%-17.5%
Beta Acid Composition 4.5%-6.5%
Co-Humulone Composition 30%-40%
Country US
Cone Size
Cone Density
Seasonal Maturity Mid to late
Yield Amount 2690-3365 kg/hectares (2400-3000 lbs/acre)
Growth Rate Very high
Resistant to Resistant to powdery mildew
Susceptible to
Ease of Harvest
Total Oil Composition 2.4-4.5 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition 45%-55%
Humulene Oil Composition 9%-14%
Caryophyllene Oil 5%-10%
Farnesene Oil < 1%
Substitutes Columbus
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