Willow Creek

Native to Colorado, neomexicanus variety Willow Creek is very new to the brewing scene. There is very little information about them available but they are reportedly considered to be similar to other available neomexicanus varieties Amallia, Neo1, and MultiHead.

Willow Creek is currently in the midst of production trials and hopefully some will be available soon for brewery trials.

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Also Known As
Purpose Bittering & Aroma
Alpha Acid Composition
Beta Acid Composition
Co-Humulone Composition
Cone Size Large
Cone Density
Seasonal Maturity Early to mid
Yield Amount
Growth Rate
Resistant to
Susceptible to
Ease of Harvest
Total Oil Composition
Myrcene Oil Composition
Humulene Oil Composition
Caryophyllene Oil
Farnesene Oil
Style Guide

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