Cascade (New Zealand)

New Zealand Cascade features largely the same pleasant and distinctive ‘Cascade’ characteristics enjoyed by its US twin but are higher in alpha acids. Some dispute this comparison however, noting that while its characteristics are similar, New Zealand grown Cascade is more subdued in both flavor and aroma. Original Cascade was developed from English variety Fuggle and the Russian variety, Serebrianka.


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Also Known As
Characteristics Similar to Cascade (US) but more subdued
Purpose Bittering & Aroma
Alpha Acid Composition 6%-8%
Beta Acid Composition 5%-5.5%
Co-Humulone Composition 21%-24%
Country New Zealand
Cone Size
Cone Density
Seasonal Maturity
Yield Amount
Growth Rate
Resistant to
Susceptible to
Ease of Harvest
Total Oil Composition
Myrcene Oil Composition
Humulene Oil Composition
Caryophyllene Oil
Farnesene Oil
Substitutes Cascade (US), Hallertau, Goldings, Ahtanum, Centennial
Style Guide Barley Wine, American Pale Ale, Imperial Stout, Ale, Lager

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