Grown exclusively in Japan, Shinshuwase is a high yielding aroma hop. It dates back to the early 1900’s, possibly earlier. While it still exists, it has largely been replaced by Kirin II, Toyomidori, Kitamidori and Eastern Gold as a commercial crop.


A cross between Saaz and open pollinated White Vine, Shinshuwase was originally used as a bittering hop, but after the introduction of super alpha varieties, it is now considered far more useful as an aroma hop. Shiga Kogen Beer currently uses it in that capacity for their Draft Pale Ale and Miyama Blonde and describes its aroma as lemon-centric.

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Also Known As Shinshu-Wase, Shinshu Wase
Characteristics Lemon aromas
Purpose Aroma
Alpha Acid Composition 4.7%-8.3%
Beta Acid Composition 4%-6.1%
Co-Humulone Composition 51%
Country Japan
Cone Size
Cone Density Loose
Seasonal Maturity Late
Yield Amount 1790-2470 kg/hectare) (1600-2200 lbs/acre)
Growth Rate Very high
Resistant to Resistant to verticillium wilt, moderately resistant to downy mildew
Susceptible to Infected with the cherry and apple strains of the Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus, Hop Latent Virus and American Hop Latent Virus
Storability Retains 61% alpha acid after 6 months storage at 20ºC (68ºF)
Ease of Harvest
Total Oil Composition 0.42-0.98 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition 57.5%
Humulene Oil Composition 12%
Caryophyllene Oil 20.3%
Farnesene Oil 0.1%
Substitutes Saaz, Hallertau, Santiam
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