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If you’re looking for a rough unstanding of what hops go well with certain styles of beer this resource will help get you started.

Pairing hops with beer styles can be daunting for the beginner and there are indeed some styles of beer that require specific varieties of hops. That being said these are only suggestions. Never be afraid to experiment!

If you have some killer recipes, please take the time to share your favourite hop and beer style pairings with us by leaving a comment below or by contacting us here.

Beer Style Hop Suggestions
Alt Munich Helles Mount Hood
Altbier Hersbrucker G, Perle (GR)
Amber Ale Calicross, California Cluster, Cluster, Eroica, First Gold, Fuggle, Mount Hood, Pride of Ringwood, Strisselspalter, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger A, Vanguard, Willamette
American Ale Chelan, Comet, Hallertau Blanc, Magnum, Zythos
American Amber Ale Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger A
American Barley Wine California Cluster, Cascade (US), Golding (US)
American Blonde Ale Santiam
American Brown Ale Viking
American India Pale Ale Admiral, Delta, Magnum (US)
American Pale Ale Amarillo, Aurora, Cascade (Argentina), Cascade (AUS), Cascade (NZ), Cascade (US), Cicero, Delta, Magnum (US), Nelson Sauvin, Pride of Ringwood
American Wheat Amarillo, Mount Hood
Australian Lager Pride of Ringwood
Barley Wine Cascade (Argentina), Cascade (AUS), Cascade (NZ), Cascade (US), Chinook, Cluster, Golding (US), Satus
Bavarian Hefeweizen Tettnanger (GR)
Belgian Ale Ahil, B Saaz, Bianca, East Kent Golding, Golding (US), Hersbrucker E, Strisselspalter, Triskel
Belgian Farmhouse Ale Aquila
Belgian India Pale Ale Admiral, Fuggle (US), Fuggle H, Magnum
Belgian Pale Ale Strisselspalter
Belgian Saison Aramis
Belgian Strong Ale Perle, Perle (US)
Bitter Admiral, Amarillo, Apolon, Banner, Bramling, Brewer’s Gold, Calicross, Crystal, Eroica, Fuggle, Golding (US), Marynka, Mathon, Phoenix, Target, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (US), Tettnanger A
Blonde Ale Magnum, Northdown, Strisselspalter, Tettnanger (US), Ultra
Bock Hersbrucker E, Liberty, Mount Hood, Strisselspalter
Bright Ale Magnum
Brown Ale Fuggle (US), Fuggle H, Mount Hood, Target, Willamette
California Blonde Ale Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger A
Canadian Porter Canadian Redvine
Cask Ale Calicross, Fuggle
Celtic Ale First Gold
Chicken Ale We’re not really sure. Got a suggestion? Post it.
Chocolate Stout Crystal
Christmas Ale Calicross, East Kent Golding, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK)
Cream Ale California Cluster, Cluster, Tettnanger (GR), Vanguard
Dark Ale Magnum
Dark Amber Ale First Gold
Doppelbock Bullion, Bullion 10A, Mount Hood
Double India Pale Ale Simcoe
Dunkel Hersbrucker, Hersbrucker G
English Ale B Saaz (Motueka), Blisk, Buket, Bobek, Calicross, Celeia, Fuggle, Motueka, Phoenix
English Barley Wine (Original/Authentic Barley Wine) Northdown, Target, East Kent Golding, Fuggle
English Bitter First Gold
English Dark Ale East Kent Golding
English Light Ale East Kent Golding
English Pale Ale British Columbia Golding, California Cluster, Cluster, Fuggle (US), Fuggle H, Pilgrim
European Ale B Saaz (Motueka)
Experimental Beers Apollo
Extra Special Bitter Blisk, Buket, Bobek, Calicross, Canterbury Golding, Centennial, Fuggle, Fuggle (US), Fuggle H, Glacier, Mathon, Northern Brewer (GR), Phoenix, Sticklebract, Styrian Golding
Extra Special English Ale East Kent Golding
French Porter Canadian Redvine
Fruit Lambic Pride of Ringwood
German Ale Hallertauer Northern Brewer, Herkules, Spalter
German Lager Hallertauer Northern Brewer
German Pilsner BOR, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
Golden Ale Bramling, Bramling Cross, Calicross, Crystal, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK), Herald, Hersbrucker G, Mount Hood, Palisade, Phoenix, Polish Lublin, Pride of Ringwood, Strisselspalter
Harvest Ale Ultra
Hefeweizen Hersbrucker G, Hersbrucker Pure, Magnum, Mount Hood, Opal, Perle, Perle (US)
Helles Opal, Orion, Perle (GR)
Holiday Ale Bramling
Holiday Lager Mount Hood
Honey Ale California Cluster, Cluster
Imperial Brown Columbus
Imperial India Pale Ale Admiral, First Gold
Imperial Pale Ale Admiral, Apollo, Bramling, Chinook, Hallertauer Magnum, Super Pride
Imperial Stout Bramling, Galena
India Pale Ale Ahtanum, Amarillo, Amos’ Early Bird, Apollo, Apolon, Blue Northern Brewer, Bravo, Cobb, Crystal, First Gold, Galena, Glacier, Marynka, Mosaic, Mount Hood, Northern Brewer (US), Nugget, Phoenix, Pilgrim, Pioneer, Satus, Southern Cross, Status, Sterling, Summit, Target, Victoria, Warrior, Brewer’s Gold (US)
India Pilsner Hallertauer Magnum, Magnum
Kentish Bitter Target
Kölsch Hersbrucker E, Perle, Perle (GR), Perle (US), Spalter Select
Lager AlphAroma, B Saaz, Backa, Bianca, Blato, Blisk, Buket, Bobek, Chinook, Czech Saaz, Czech Sladek, Hallertauer (NZ), Hersbrucker G, Hersbrucker E, Hersbrucker Pure, Hüller Bitterer, Legacy, Magnum (GR), Opal, Pacific Sunrise, Perle, Perle (GR), Perle (US), Polish Lublin, Pride of Ringwood, SmoothCone, Southern Cross, Southern Promise, Spalter, Strisselspalter, Super Alpha, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (GR), Tettnanger (US), Tettnanger (Swiss), Tettnanger A, Ultra, Vanguard, Wakatu
Lambic Calicross, Fuggle
Light Ale Hersbrucker G, Horizon
Light Lager Crystal
Maibock Strisselspalter
Maisbier Perle (GR)
Märzen Hersbrucker G
Mild Ale Calicross, Fuggle
Munich Helles Hersbrucker E
Nut Brown Ale Calicross, Crystal, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK), Magnum
Oatmeal Stout Calicross, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK)
Oktoberfest Hallertauer Taurus, Ultra
Pale Ale Admiral, AlphAroma, BOR, Bramling, Chinook, Crystal, East Kent Golding, Eroica, Golding (US), Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Hallertauer (NZ), Herald, Hersbrucker G, Magnum, Marynka, Mathon, Mount Hood, Newport, Polaris, Pride of Ringwood, Satus, Southern Cross, Southern Promise, Target, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (GR), Tettnanger A, Ultra, Victoria
Pilsner Aramis, B Saaz, Backa, Bianca, Blato, Blisk, Boadicea, Buket, Bobek, Crystal, Hallertauer (NZ), Hersbrucker, Hersbrucker G, Hersbrucker E, Hersbrucker Pure, Magnum, Magnum (GR), Marynka, Opal, Outeniqua, Perle, Perle (GR), Polish Lublin, Saaz, Spalter, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (GR), Tettnanger (US), Tettnanger A, Ultra
Porter British Columbia Golding, Calicross, California Cluster, Canterbury Golding, Chinook, Cluster, First Gold, Fuggle, Pacific Hallertau, Vanguard, Victoria
Pumpkin Ale Horizon
Red Ale Amarillo, Canadian Redvine, Fuggle (US), Fuggle H, Horizon, Pioneer, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (US), Tettnanger A
Russian Imperial Stout Mount Hood
Rye Ale Bramling, Vanguard
Saison Strisselspalter
Schwarzbier Hallertauer Taurus, Hüller Bitterer
Specialty Ale Hersbrucker G, Pioneer
Steam Beer Hallertauer Northern Brewer
Stout Bramling, British Columbia Golding, Calicross, Canterbury Golding, Chinook, Crystal, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK), Fuggle H, Legacy, Magnum (GR), Millennium, Phoenix, Pilgrim, Satus, Victoria
Strong Ale Calicross, Fuggle, Fuggle (UK), Galena, Hersbrucker, Hersbrucker G, Magnum (US), Pacific Gem, Polish Lublin, Pride of Ringwood
Strong Bitter Pioneer
Summer Ale First Gold
Triple India Pale Ale Phoenix
Weizenbock Hersbrucker G, Hersbrucker E, Mount Hood
Wheat Beer Amarillo, First Gold, Glacier, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Hersbrucker G, Hersbrucker E, Pilgrim, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger (GR), Tettnanger (Swiss), Tettnanger A
Winter Ale Chinook, Tettnang Tettnanger, Tettnanger A

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